Pets Owners

Hello all pet owners.

As per our strata agreement we have adopted Option B which allows owners to have one cat or (small) dog without having to seek permission from the Owners Corporation (OC).  Please review our stata agreement here for the exact specifications.  I

The OC has setup an online registration system for pet owners and as part of the 16(B) by laws all pets must be registered with the OC.

Overall the Owners Corporation does not have an issue with owners having a second pet so long as they are within the scope (aka sizing/type) of the first pet.  Often having two pets (of the allowable size) results in less issues due to them having company.

Q: Can a strata scheme ban pets if they are currently allowed?

A: A strata by-law cannot be harsh, unconscionable or oppressive. A by-law could not ban existing pets. However a new by-law passed could ban any future pets from being allowed in the strata scheme. This would require at least 75% of the owners at a general meeting to agree to the updated by-law.

A strata scheme cannot ban assistance animals.