A video camera has now been installed into the garbage room to help deter dumping of large rubbish.  This has been a continual problem over the years with many residents taking up the extra task of breaking down other peoples boxes and rubbish.

Notices have been placed in the rubbish room to advise that the room is now under surveillance.

There is absolutely no interest in checking if residents are putting the correct items into the correct bins (we should all know what goes into what bin and there are plenty of signs covering this in the rubbish room.

What is considered dumping of rubbish?

The dumping of rubbish is considered to be leaving items outside of the bins.  i.e not breaking down boxes, leaving items outside bins which cannot be disposed of via normal resident rubbish collection.

Some important details on privacy.

Video will only be viewed by members of the Exec, with the understanding still images may be taken and used for identification of anyone dumping rubbish.

Non relevant video will be destroyed between 7 and 30 days after capture.

Video is stored on a private encrypted cloud and no video will ever be made public.

What will happen if I do dump rubbish?

Currently there is no by-law allowing the enforcement of fines.  This has been discussed at the full Body Corporate meetings and could be included into the by-laws.  You will receive a letter from managing agent and there does exist a by-law about private property in common area’s which could be enacted.

Overall we are hopeful that knowing the room is under surveillance will deter the dumping rubbish.

What if I object to being on video?

The installation of a video camera was raised during a Body Corporate General meeting and the exec given authority take necessary action.  Please do contact us if you have questions.

Damage to the camera?

The camera is set to use motion detection only (it does not run all the time).  Testing prior to installation has shown it actually ‘buffers’ the video feed constantly and records 5 seconds before visible motion is seen on the video.  Attempts to damage or tamper with the camera will therefore be recorded.  These will be consider damage to common property and dealt with as such.

Final note on transporting your Garbage.

This is more of a courtesy request.  We have noticed that sometimes rubbish bags leak on the way to the rubbish room (it happens to us all).  Please take a few moments and clean up behind you should this happen.

Many thanks and wishing you all a very merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

The exec.


The good news is the that new intercom system is in place and so far is working well!  Some minor issues as it settles and the a common issue seems to be that not all the new key fobs are opening the garage as they should.

I have the same problem myself where the fob will open the garage from inside but won’t work on the outdoor unit.  Been talking with Colin and he has a replacement fob for me to collect.

If you are having problems please in the first instance use the contact exec form to log the issue (so we can track) and we can then work to sort it out for you.



Thank you for visiting.

This website has been setup to help communicate to the residents of the Brittany Apartment information about what is going on and also provide a central point of logging issues/complaints to the Exec and also to the Strata Manager.  Also to provide useful information to all the owners and residents.

Depending on the type of information some will be provide publicly so you can browse it as you like.  Other information will require you to register onto the site to access information specific to the Brittany Apartments building.

Please bear with us as we build the site and understand what information to provide!

Many thanks

Brittany Body Corp