Hello all.

Some updates on what is going around the building.

Raising an Issue?

The owner committee team understand that you can contact the Strata Agent directly to raise an issue.  However when you do that the team don’t become aware of it and can’t track the progress of it.  We have within this website the ability to raise an issue which alerts the team and the strata agent and we can also track what is going on.  The team here want to help in every way and request that if you have a problem.  Any problem.  Log it via the website.

Don’t want to go to a website.  Then we have another option which.  Send your email to:

Update on new By-Laws

As per the AGM 8th of September 2017, there was a unanimous vote to adopt a new set of strata By-laws.  We are working to have these new By-Laws registered so currently, we are working with the existing ones.  Both are available on this site.


You may have noticed a lot of planting has been going on and the revival of the irrigations systems.  The team has been working hard and next weekend the mulch will arrive so they should look great very shortly.

Water Leaks.

This does remain an issue and we continue to remediate this.   As Sydney has had no rain for the last few months it makes it hard to track down issues.

Car Parking.

Thank you all for the change we have seen with the visitor car parking.  Enforcement began 14 October and usage is being tracked and the first reminder will be placed on some cars shortly.  Overall thou the change in the usage of visitor car parks has been impressive.  If you have any questions on car parking please see the link on this site.


The Brittany complex is pet-friendly.  Some issues have occurred within the underground area and there have been issues with dogs barking. The installation of the camera’s in parts of the building has resolved many issues with garbage dumping and pet issues.  The team is also working very closely with owners of barking dogs and are happy that with efforts being done by them to resolve issues.

Christmas Party – Date to coming soon.

Yes, it’s getting close to that time of year!  The best news is that we the new lawn in the middle area will be totally ready.  The team have been watering it since lt was laid down and wow it’s looking great!   Hopefully, in the next few weeks, it will be mowed and we can get the soil moved into the side gardens.  The goal is to plant the whole west side with herbs that we can all use.



From the last AGM the motion to most communication via electronic means (aka email and the website) was confirmed.  This covers all communications except the AGM/EGM or other meetings where there is a regulatory requirement for written correspondence.

The registration link is on the left side and at the bottom.  When you register you will receive a notification of all updates to this site.  If you are an owner and login to the site you will see the owner only documents.

Hello.   Tenants and thanks for living in Brittany.  Registering on the site is also useful for you as well as you will be notified of updates of what is going on.

Update on Parking.

Thank you all for reading the various notifications and there has been a huge change in usage of visitor parking and most are now vacant as they should be.  Advisement notices will be going out over the next few weeks on cars that continue to park in the

Hello, all.

The AGM has now been and gone and the team will shortly be sending a summary letter of the major items covered.  Minutes will be on the owner’s website when we get them.  The only item we will cover here is that the website and email have been adopted as the main form of communication (with exceptions where required).


An informal advisement is that parking in visitors spots will begin to be enforced.  Please see visit this post on Parking for all the current details.  After the letters go out we will have a two month grace period where we will remind owners that parking in visitor car parks is a violation of Strata By-Laws.  As mentioned these will be informal and only an advisement.  They will not be part of the parking enforcement process.  Again.  Please see the link above for all the details you need to know.

Water Leaks.

The team continue to resolve these issues and are working on it constantly.  Please be aware it may become difficult to detect water leaks over what is expected to be a very dry summer.  Please be assured we are committed to resolving all the water leaks.

Fire Safety.

We have commisioned the work to be done on Fire Penetrations and this should resolve all the last set issues.  This action will likely require access to lots/properties so we ask for your co-operation here.

Central Gardens (aka the old Swiming Pool) and over gardens.

If you face the central gardens you will have noticed that there has been a huge change in them over the last few weeks!.  We had to wait until this time of year to get the lawn down so it would grow well!  As you will see the central garden is looking massively better with the grass down.  Hopefully, a lot of you have also have noticed the work going in the other gardens.  On the long weekend just been the garden team completed the restoration of the Morley/Merton Street garden and restored the irrigation system.  Planting in that garden will continue and 20 new shrubs and ground cover went in.

The Eton Street side is almost complete now.  All the major growth weeds have been removed and extensive planting of Australian natives has been done.  The irrigation system has also been restored so all the plants should grow really well.  80% of the plantings come via the vouchers you all provide us to get seedlings from Sutherland Council.  (yes we do use them Alot).  The other 20% of feature plants (and a few other nice things) come via the Elizabeth Whittle gardening fund.

The central garden is now being worked on and if you look out your window now you will see what a massive change has been made.

The team is going all out now to get the gardens clear, new plants in (see all the sticks).  There is a reason.  At the end of month, we are going to mulch them!! The reason for all the sticks in the garden is so we can see where the plantings are and then Ryan can work around them as well.

Few more weeks the gardens are going to look really great with the mulch all around them.  Then over the next few years the plantings will come out.  We have also chosen some that grow really fast and will give good coverage.

The central grass area is going well.  We are watering it everyday and do ask you don’t walk all over it.  When it’s establised we will fill in the inner gardens.  East side will go feature as it is very dry.  West side will go Bottle brush and herbs for all!

Our very best liviing in Brittany to you all.








Hello all

Over the last week, there has been quite a bit of work going on.  The centre garden is now ready for the grass to be laid down this long weekend.  Ryan will be laying down the turf on Saturday so the area will remain closed off while we water it all it and get it established.

The minutes from the AGM are now being reviewed and a summary notification is being prepared.  From this the minutes will be posted to the owner’s area on the website.

Resigning of the disabled parking is now underway and the carpark under Block A will now have a new disabled car park.  Parking in this area will be restricted to holders of a valid disabled parking permit (which must be displayed).  Parking enforcement will begin very shortly.  Please review this link to all the information you need to know about parking.

Finally, the gardening team would love some help with the garden on the corner of Merton and Morley street.  We currently have a very informal ownership/take care of system with all the gardens and would really appreciate it anyone wants to take on a garden.  As it stands

Lower Eton Street – Josh and Kate
Mid-Lower Eton Street – Debbie
Middle and Upper Eton Street – David
Middle Morley Street – Frank and Jill
Corner of Morley and Merton Street – Stake your claim here!
Centre Gardens – Kathy with all of us.
Lower Merton Street – Kathy

All efforts towards making the gardens look great is appreciated, we are slowly planting them all with Australian natives (which we can get via your rates tickets from the council) and also rebuilding the original irrigation system so in a few months/years they will look amazing!

Have a great spring all!


Hello all!

Sure you have all noticed the change in the central area going on!  Swimming pool no more and its starting to look like a garden again!  Huge effort by our contract gardener who moved in 10 tonnes of extra soil to bring the level up to where it is now.  In the next 10 days, the lawn will be laid and we will have to block off the area while it establishes itself and is watered in!  Going to look good thou.

The garden team have a couple of ideas with the border gardens which we will run past you.  The east facing border garden gets very little water due to the overhang of the units above.  For this one, we are planning on succulents and other very water-hardy plants.  The west side we would like to plant some natives but also create a communal herb garden with common items such as mint, parsley and basil which when established will be free for all to come and use!

The Eton street gardens are now under control and have received alot of planting over the last 2 months.  Alot of the seedling plants have taken root and growing well.  Some of the plants we put in a few years back are really showing their colours now.

Today when doing the weekly weed spraying trip this tree was behind me and in full flower!!  This one was planted about 3 years ago.  Also some good news to make the gardens really look good.

Informal Garden Bee – This Long Weekend.

A few of us will be working over the long weekend on the rest of the gardens to sort them out and then we will be getting in a FULL MULCH cover!  Yes we are going to mulch the gardens, or rather we are getting in mulch and the contract gardener will be laying it down for us.  This is an extra charge from the gardener but also is built into the maintenance contract we have with them.  Our goal is to have all the gardens sorted out at the time of the mulch so all the new plantings are identified and mulched around.  Big call out to Frank and Jill for the work in following behind the planting team and staking out the new plants and tying them up.

Our goal is to get all the gardens looking really nice now and in the years to come.  A good looking garden environment is good for all us.  A nice place to live and also increases resale value!

All help with the gardens is appreciated!


The 2017 AGM meeting has now been held.  The full minutes of the meeting will now be written up and made available in the Owners Area of the website.

Owner Information and how to Access:

Parts of this website (Information posts and documents you can review) are only available to website registered owners.  To gain access to this is a two step process.

  1.  Register of the website with your normal email address and provide name and lot number
  2. You will then receive a confirmation email that you need to confirm (we have to do this due to the huge number of spam attacks)

If your lot number and name agree with our register we will grant you access to the owners area within a couple of days and each valid registration is checked.  If you don’t have a response or access after a couple of days please send a note to the exec via this site and we will fix as quickly as possible.

When you have access you will be able to see the Owners Posts and also the file area for owners documents.


Moving to some good news!  The garden team have been working hard the last few months.  The Eton street side of the building has seen a huge transformation and a lot of new plantings of native Australian plants going in.  Today we completed most of planting in the top of Eton and Morley street and hopefully they will all take and in a few months/years will turn into a really nice looking garden.  We also completed phase 1 of clearing out the corner garden of Morley and Merton street from all the dried grass plants and remove a potential fire hazard.  Still more work to do there and hopefully we can start a planting program on that side as well.

Any volunteers to help with the gardens (and watering on Merton street garden) are very welcome.

New gardening bee coming after the centre gardens are relawned (yes it is on the plans).  If you like gardening please don’t be afraid to ask what you can do, all contributions are welcome!


All, we currently don’t have enough people confirmed to go on this trip.   There are notices around the building on how to participate and it would be great if we can get enough people coming along.  Loads of fun the last time!!!

Please do let Ian and Debbie know if you want to come along!

Other Updates:

We do still have problems with Block A front door as the damage done requires new parts.  The current situation is that the building is again secure and we are escalating the final fix.  A small win here is that we have worked out how to stop the door slamming on closure as it no longer slams shut (many thanks to B a resident).

Building Maintenance Update:

We do have a lot of information on this and the SC team is working on this.  We are conscious of the updates to the site and emails that go out and that this topic needs it own separate update via the website.  Goal is to have it ready for you by the end of this week.


Residents on the Eton street side will have noted a massive change in the gardens over the last few months.  The team have cleared away the weeds and done alot of planting of natives.  The native plants we got (via all of you giving us the vouchers) are doing really well.  Thanks to all have been watering them.  We still have some work to do over on Merton Street and we will need a huge effort from all to work on the central area.   In case you’re wondering we can ask the contractor to do work, however that will come at a cost!  So all contributions to keep the gardens looking good are welcome and keep our costs down.

Overall Building Update:

I have been working with Colin to provide a full update on this and we do have alot of information to share, we are however conscious of all the updates we give via the site so the next update will focus on that.

regards all

The Strata Committee team.




After we became aware of the A-Block door being broken it took a while to become aware of another issue with a nearby firedoor.  A temporary fix has been made and this door is now operational again.  It will be fully fixed when the locksmith fixes the main door.

Wild Weather in Sydney!

We all know it’s been bad weather out there, and we have already had one powercut!  Please make sure all your balconies are secure as the wind’s are likely to get worse.  A gentle reminder to those with objects on the flat space provided by their balcony.  These present a falling hazard and should not be there.

It is expected there will various debris falling into the gardens and area’s around us.  An upside of this is we ask you to bring them over to the 68 Eton street side and we can shred most of the debris into garden mulch (we now have a shredder).  If you need a hand us know.

Many thanks, stay snuggled up and in a few days we will be back to the nice winter weather we have been having.

Strata Team.



Firstly my apologies.  I thought the message at the end had gone onto the website.  I did not click the publish button!  Again I am so sorry for this oversight!

Update is that the lock smith will be here on Saturday to repair the front entrance door for Block A.




Evening all.

The front door in A block was damaged on Monday night and does not work from the inside.  I made a fast running repair at 11pm so that residents could get out of the building (getting in via the key fob works).

Service teams were called in Tuesday morning and current status at end of Tuesday is that while getting in is still possible you will need to exit via another door.   The Strata team will be following up with Homeworld on Wednesday to get this resolved as quickly as possible.

The damage done to the door was internal which sadly means it was done by a resident or guest.

Please be patient while we work with our service teams to resolve this as it would appear the damage done to the door was not a quick fix and may need a full replacement of the lock. This could also mean a full replacement of all front door keys.