New Owners / Strata / Tradies Info

Are you a new owner or wondering about our Strata, well here we hope to give you all the information that might be helpful

Brittany Strata Plan – Plan was adopted in April 2012, and we have adopted option B of the strata with regards to pets.

New Brittany Strata Plan – Adopted by the Owners Corporation but not yet registered.

Living with Strata – NSW – This is great guide to what it means to live within an apartment building and a strata.


Useful Information:

Building Address –  This can get complex as we have multiple street address.  Work in progress here.

68 Eton Street, Sutherland, 2232, NSW, Australia

70 Eton Street, Sutherland, 2232, NSW, Austalia


The building has Foxtel compatible cabling installed to each apartment and is connected to Foxtel.  The compatible cables runs to same location as the installed TV outlet in the living room.  (it is not available in other locations unless that was requested by the purchasing owner).  If there is no socket in your living room the Foxtel technician should be able to install one quite easily.  (I can verify this as I didn’t have foxtel installed for 2 years after I took ownership).


The following Tradies are used by the Exec for work around the building.

Electrician . Cameron  0414649484.
Plumber . Soc.  0410537637.
Handy man .George.  0414413088.
Cleaner. Paul  0417699477. Carpets, Tiles , Glass Doors. E T C.