Brittany FAQ’s

This section of the website is here to provide answers to various FAQ’s that everyone who lives in the Brittany Building Complex should be aware of.  This includes all residents (Tenants and Owners).


The cleaning team work thru the building on a once per week basis so each part of the building is cleaned weekly.  It may occur that just after the cleaning someone makes a mess and it won’t be resolved until the next week.  The Owners Committee understands that this might be an issue and seem like the building is not being cleaned.  We have worked with our cleaning team and ask that if you find a problem just drop us a note via this website and we can request the cleaner to fix it up.

We have considered doing a twice clean in Block A which holds the most residents however this will increase our annual cleaning bill.  We have continued to review the cleaning bill on a yearly basis and remain comfortable that our current vendor is providing a great service at a market level rate.  A small update here is that we have also been installing power outlets into certain locations in conjunction with our building sparky.  This lets the cleaner have a power point on various floors and will improve the service.