Building Work over next Month

Hello all

As you will have seen from the notices around the building we are beginning work on the fire penetration issue which have an order to comply with.

Over the next couple of weeks, there will be various work going on within the garage area and you may be requested to move your car and cover items (this is a precaution).  We are trying to schedule work to minimise disruption and also allow residents use the outside Eton street car park.  We need to reserve 3 of the visitor car parks during this time.  Cones will be placed into two visitor carparks and we will utilise the disabled and carwash bay.

During this time visitor car park monitoring will be suspended (please see the visitor car parking section of this site as it has just been updated).

Leakage Remediation.

We will also shortly have teams on site using various equipment to work on roof leakage problems, this will mainly be external to the building and the central garden area.  Overall we are definitely making progress in resolving the various water leak issues.  It is, however, an ongoing process and due to the nature of water, we fix one leak and other appears.  We are tracking them all and seeing an overall improvement.

Child Lock Installation.

Some good news here is that we have a consultant in to review our standing with regards to Child Lock installation.  We only need to install childproof locks on the eight apartments on the 2nd floor of Block A.  All other residents have windows with lockable chain winders which are compliant.  Work is scheduled for the 28th of Feb and we will be sending notices to all residents/owners at that time.  As always if you can’t be home for the afternoon of the 28th the team is happy to be given a spare key so work can be don’t without you there.

Note on Gardens

We are expecting the final mulching to be done on Eton Street in the next couple of weeks which will really help highlight the new plantings that a currently overshadowed by the very ‘lush’ weeds!  Sadly watering our plants also makes those weeds grow better!  The gardens that have been mulched are now getting weeded by the team and we would like to hold a gardening Bee at the end of Feb to really keep them in check!  Our next plan is to fill the central gardens with soil and then plant with various edible herbs etc so we can all enjoy.  Will keep you posted.

Final Note on Website

Due to changing technology and the constant issue of hacking we will be making some updates to the website to keep it secure.  Please bear with us as we work to find the best way to deliver updates and news to you all.


Brittany Team.


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