Brittany Updates- Feb 2017

EGM Meeting:

The team will shortly be advising the date for an EGM as we have a number of items to cover.  An agenda will be sent via this site, email and also by written notice.  An open item we can advise is that we have open positions on the Owners Committee and welcome anyone who would like to join the team.

Web Site Registration and Access:

At the moment we have shut down open registration to the site due to hacker attacks on the site.  We get about 5 false registrations per day on the site trying to work out if our site can be hacked.  Our site uses industry-standard technology to prevent hacking and our site is secure.  We will be updating our new user registration in the next few weeks.  This will not affect any of you whom are already registered on the site.

Children Locks on Windows.

We have now had a consultant review the building and the news is good.  The only windows that need work are within Block A on 2nd level.  We will be contacting the owners/tenants of these lots to arrange access for locks to be installed.

Overall all apartments have a window with a lockable chain and lock which is compliant with the new standard.

Garden Team:

A reach out to anyone who is interested in helping with the gardens.  While we do have someone who comes in and does the basic’s we are always looking for residents who want to get involved in gardens..  Drop us a line via this website.






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