Welcome to 2018 – Some updates.

Firstly hoping you all had a very pleasant holiday period and welcomed the new year in with style.

And now for some updates:

Owners with Gardens

With all this hot weather there has been alot of watering going on which has unfortunately resulted in water leakage.  We fully appreciate (and enjoy) having green gardens and understand that watering is required.  Can you please try and limit the period of watering to say 20mins and see how things go.  This should keep the soil moist and avoid seepage due from to much water.  We continue to monitor the amount of water going onto the common gardens and it is a challenge due to the new mulch.  When the gardens are fully mulched we will most likely water for a period of 3 hours once per week to get the water down into the soil and then it will be held there by the mulch.   Central lawn is being watered as needed.

Building Repairs.

We are coordinating a cherry picker/platform for later in the months along with a roofer and our plumber to address known issues in a number of lots.  This will hopefully resolve a number of critical water leaks and allow us to begin work on the next set of water leaks.

New Strata By-Laws

These are currently with the strata lawyer for submission.  We will advise when this is complete and update the By-Laws on this site.  Both versions are available for review in the documents section.

Car Parking

Overall this is going well.  We have issued some informal notices when required.  Please do let us know if you will be having visitors for an extended period of time.  We will add a new form to the website so you can just log the details online.

NBN Connection

An update here is that our building has been inspected for NBN hookup with an approx date of April 2018.  From what we understand the fibre will come into our distribution room under Block D and then go out via the existing copper phone lines.   Will wait and see how this will work.

Contacting the Owners Committee

As always if you have any issue that you want the owner’s committee to know about then either visit this website and use the options on the left.  Or just send an email to

We are also updating the way we send out documents with regards to the Owner Committee meetings as per the last AGM.  Documents will be available in the owner’s area of this website (which you must be log into view), and also we will send via email to all registered email addresses we have.

Brittany Help System

Over the last 6 months, we have implemented a helpdesk tracking system that sits behind all the various request we receive via this website (and manually if you use the address).

This helps us track all the issue in one place and provide timely updates on them.   Over the trial period, it has been incredibly helpful and us keep on track and also lets us know when we have not.  It also captures the full record of emails and events in one place.

The only time it does now work is with direct contact to the Strata agent either via phone or email.  In this event we log the issue when advised.

Our preference is for all to advise the issue via the Website or email address and get a ticket number.  We can then work on it straight away.

Obviously, issues such as power outages etc need to be called to the agent.  We are working on a common phone number you can call as well.

Wishing you all the very best for 2018.

The Brittany Team.








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