Owners Committee Meeting 16th November 2017


There will be an owners committee meeting on the 16th November 2017.

As per 2015 Strata Management Act we are required to provide the agenda 7 days before the meeting.  Notices of the agenda have gone up on the notices boards within the building to assist those not registered on the website.

The agenda is available on this site to registered owners here.  (Please note you must be logged into the site to view this)

If your an owner and can’t access the document please use the contact the OC Team option and let us know.

The mulch has arrived so stand by for some great looking gardens.

Update:  13 Nov

My apologies there was an error in the link above to the agenda.  I didn’t understand how the system was linking it all together.  That has been corrected now and the agenda link does work as also is available to all.    Sorry about that and thanks for the feedback.  Dd


  1. Hi, I can’t get access to the agenda would you kindly be able to send it to me.

    1. Hi Ronda
      You must be logged into the Brittany site to be able to view certain documents. I’ve updated the entry to show this being required.

      1. David, i log in then it goes to profile, i then go back to brittany site, go to the message about committee meeting, i click on to “help” then the message comes that there is nothing there. I ticked the remember me quite a while back.regards Ronda

        1. Hi Ronda,

          We are having the same issues here as well. We have logged in but we receive a message that says there is nothing at the location



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