It Actually rained here in Sydney!!

Hello all.

Some updates on what is going around the building.

Raising an Issue?

The owner committee team understand that you can contact the Strata Agent directly to raise an issue.  However when you do that the team don’t become aware of it and can’t track the progress of it.  We have within this website the ability to raise an issue which alerts the team and the strata agent and we can also track what is going on.  The team here want to help in every way and request that if you have a problem.  Any problem.  Log it via the website.

Don’t want to go to a website.  Then we have another option which.  Send your email to:

Update on new By-Laws

As per the AGM 8th of September 2017, there was a unanimous vote to adopt a new set of strata By-laws.  We are working to have these new By-Laws registered so currently, we are working with the existing ones.  Both are available on this site.


You may have noticed a lot of planting has been going on and the revival of the irrigations systems.  The team has been working hard and next weekend the mulch will arrive so they should look great very shortly.

Water Leaks.

This does remain an issue and we continue to remediate this.   As Sydney has had no rain for the last few months it makes it hard to track down issues.

Car Parking.

Thank you all for the change we have seen with the visitor car parking.  Enforcement began 14 October and usage is being tracked and the first reminder will be placed on some cars shortly.  Overall thou the change in the usage of visitor car parks has been impressive.  If you have any questions on car parking please see the link on this site.


The Brittany complex is pet-friendly.  Some issues have occurred within the underground area and there have been issues with dogs barking. The installation of the camera’s in parts of the building has resolved many issues with garbage dumping and pet issues.  The team is also working very closely with owners of barking dogs and are happy that with efforts being done by them to resolve issues.

Christmas Party – Date to coming soon.

Yes, it’s getting close to that time of year!  The best news is that we the new lawn in the middle area will be totally ready.  The team have been watering it since lt was laid down and wow it’s looking great!   Hopefully, in the next few weeks, it will be mowed and we can get the soil moved into the side gardens.  The goal is to plant the whole west side with herbs that we can all use.


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