Hello all

As you will have seen from the notices around the building we are beginning work on the fire penetration issue which have an order to comply with.

Over the next couple of weeks, there will be various work going on within the garage area and you may be requested to move your car and cover items (this is a precaution).  We are trying to schedule work to minimise disruption and also allow residents use the outside Eton street car park.  We need to reserve 3 of the visitor car parks during this time.  Cones will be placed into two visitor carparks and we will utilise the disabled and carwash bay.

During this time visitor car park monitoring will be suspended (please see the visitor car parking section of this site as it has just been updated).

Leakage Remediation.

We will also shortly have teams on site using various equipment to work on roof leakage problems, this will mainly be external to the building and the central garden area.  Overall we are definitely making progress in resolving the various water leak issues.  It is, however, an ongoing process and due to the nature of water, we fix one leak and other appears.  We are tracking them all and seeing an overall improvement.

Child Lock Installation.

Some good news here is that we have a consultant in to review our standing with regards to Child Lock installation.  We only need to install childproof locks on the eight apartments on the 2nd floor of Block A.  All other residents have windows with lockable chain winders which are compliant.  Work is scheduled for the 28th of Feb and we will be sending notices to all residents/owners at that time.  As always if you can’t be home for the afternoon of the 28th the team is happy to be given a spare key so work can be don’t without you there.

Note on Gardens

We are expecting the final mulching to be done on Eton Street in the next couple of weeks which will really help highlight the new plantings that a currently overshadowed by the very ‘lush’ weeds!  Sadly watering our plants also makes those weeds grow better!  The gardens that have been mulched are now getting weeded by the team and we would like to hold a gardening Bee at the end of Feb to really keep them in check!  Our next plan is to fill the central gardens with soil and then plant with various edible herbs etc so we can all enjoy.  Will keep you posted.

Final Note on Website

Due to changing technology and the constant issue of hacking we will be making some updates to the website to keep it secure.  Please bear with us as we work to find the best way to deliver updates and news to you all.


Brittany Team.


EGM Meeting:

The team will shortly be advising the date for an EGM as we have a number of items to cover.  An agenda will be sent via this site, email and also by written notice.  An open item we can advise is that we have open positions on the Owners Committee and welcome anyone who would like to join the team.

Web Site Registration and Access:

At the moment we have shut down open registration to the site due to hacker attacks on the site.  We get about 5 false registrations per day on the site trying to work out if our site can be hacked.  Our site uses industry-standard technology to prevent hacking and our site is secure.  We will be updating our new user registration in the next few weeks.  This will not affect any of you whom are already registered on the site.

Children Locks on Windows.

We have now had a consultant review the building and the news is good.  The only windows that need work are within Block A on 2nd level.  We will be contacting the owners/tenants of these lots to arrange access for locks to be installed.

Overall all apartments have a window with a lockable chain and lock which is compliant with the new standard.

Garden Team:

A reach out to anyone who is interested in helping with the gardens.  While we do have someone who comes in and does the basic’s we are always looking for residents who want to get involved in gardens..  Drop us a line via this website.






Firstly hoping you all had a very pleasant holiday period and welcomed the new year in with style.

And now for some updates:

Owners with Gardens

With all this hot weather there has been alot of watering going on which has unfortunately resulted in water leakage.  We fully appreciate (and enjoy) having green gardens and understand that watering is required.  Can you please try and limit the period of watering to say 20mins and see how things go.  This should keep the soil moist and avoid seepage due from to much water.  We continue to monitor the amount of water going onto the common gardens and it is a challenge due to the new mulch.  When the gardens are fully mulched we will most likely water for a period of 3 hours once per week to get the water down into the soil and then it will be held there by the mulch.   Central lawn is being watered as needed.

Building Repairs.

We are coordinating a cherry picker/platform for later in the months along with a roofer and our plumber to address known issues in a number of lots.  This will hopefully resolve a number of critical water leaks and allow us to begin work on the next set of water leaks.

New Strata By-Laws

These are currently with the strata lawyer for submission.  We will advise when this is complete and update the By-Laws on this site.  Both versions are available for review in the documents section.

Car Parking

Overall this is going well.  We have issued some informal notices when required.  Please do let us know if you will be having visitors for an extended period of time.  We will add a new form to the website so you can just log the details online.

NBN Connection

An update here is that our building has been inspected for NBN hookup with an approx date of April 2018.  From what we understand the fibre will come into our distribution room under Block D and then go out via the existing copper phone lines.   Will wait and see how this will work.

Contacting the Owners Committee

As always if you have any issue that you want the owner’s committee to know about then either visit this website and use the options on the left.  Or just send an email to

We are also updating the way we send out documents with regards to the Owner Committee meetings as per the last AGM.  Documents will be available in the owner’s area of this website (which you must be log into view), and also we will send via email to all registered email addresses we have.

Brittany Help System

Over the last 6 months, we have implemented a helpdesk tracking system that sits behind all the various request we receive via this website (and manually if you use the address).

This helps us track all the issue in one place and provide timely updates on them.   Over the trial period, it has been incredibly helpful and us keep on track and also lets us know when we have not.  It also captures the full record of emails and events in one place.

The only time it does now work is with direct contact to the Strata agent either via phone or email.  In this event we log the issue when advised.

Our preference is for all to advise the issue via the Website or email address and get a ticket number.  We can then work on it straight away.

Obviously, issues such as power outages etc need to be called to the agent.  We are working on a common phone number you can call as well.

Wishing you all the very best for 2018.

The Brittany Team.








We are giving notice that an Owners Committee Meeting will be held.

Agenda is available to owners at this link.


NOTE: Owners wishing to attend the Owners Committee meeting may do so by prior notification to

the Secretary, Brittany Apartments via or via brittanyapartment.com.

Such notification should be provided on or before 12pm, Thursday 28 December 2017. Owners

wishing to speak at the Owners Committee meeting must also indicate their desire to do so, with

approval to speak being decided by a majority vote of the Owners Committee at that meeting in

accordance with NSW strata laws.


Thanks all who came along for the Brittany Christmas party.  A good time was had by all who attended.

And if you attended they cut the lawn today!

Great way to celebrate the holiday season and those parts of the garden are really looking good now.  Update is the last part of Eton street will soon be mulched as well.

Merry Christmas and New Year to all of you.

The Brittany Team.


As per new strata, regulations and law the minutes of the last Owner Committee have been posted to the website and available under the option of documents

On a lighter note, many of you will have seen the gardens are being mulched and looking great from it.

Also, Christmas parting is coming up.  Notices are around the building.  Please do come along.  Meet your neighbours and have a celebrate Christmas.

See you all there




Hi all

Its time for us to sort out the Christmas building get together.  Been a great time for all of us to meet new residents and just enjoy living here.

This year we have the new central area down with some great lawn (thanks Col and team, its looks amazing).

Bring along a few drinks, some nibbles or whatever you want.  Get ready to take your shoes off and feel that great grass we have going on.

10th December from about 5pm onwards and relax into the evening.  Should be a great evening!.


The OCcom team!


There will be an owners committee meeting on the 16th November 2017.

As per 2015 Strata Management Act we are required to provide the agenda 7 days before the meeting.  Notices of the agenda have gone up on the notices boards within the building to assist those not registered on the website.

The agenda is available on this site to registered owners here.  (Please note you must be logged into the site to view this)

If your an owner and can’t access the document please use the contact the OC Team option and let us know.

The mulch has arrived so stand by for some great looking gardens.

Update:  13 Nov

My apologies there was an error in the link above to the agenda.  I didn’t understand how the system was linking it all together.  That has been corrected now and the agenda link does work as also is available to all.    Sorry about that and thanks for the feedback.  Dd

Hello all.

Some updates on what is going around the building.

Raising an Issue?

The owner committee team understand that you can contact the Strata Agent directly to raise an issue.  However when you do that the team don’t become aware of it and can’t track the progress of it.  We have within this website the ability to raise an issue which alerts the team and the strata agent and we can also track what is going on.  The team here want to help in every way and request that if you have a problem.  Any problem.  Log it via the website.

Don’t want to go to a website.  Then we have another option which.  Send your email to:

Update on new By-Laws

As per the AGM 8th of September 2017, there was a unanimous vote to adopt a new set of strata By-laws.  We are working to have these new By-Laws registered so currently, we are working with the existing ones.  Both are available on this site.


You may have noticed a lot of planting has been going on and the revival of the irrigations systems.  The team has been working hard and next weekend the mulch will arrive so they should look great very shortly.

Water Leaks.

This does remain an issue and we continue to remediate this.   As Sydney has had no rain for the last few months it makes it hard to track down issues.

Car Parking.

Thank you all for the change we have seen with the visitor car parking.  Enforcement began 14 October and usage is being tracked and the first reminder will be placed on some cars shortly.  Overall thou the change in the usage of visitor car parks has been impressive.  If you have any questions on car parking please see the link on this site.


The Brittany complex is pet-friendly.  Some issues have occurred within the underground area and there have been issues with dogs barking. The installation of the camera’s in parts of the building has resolved many issues with garbage dumping and pet issues.  The team is also working very closely with owners of barking dogs and are happy that with efforts being done by them to resolve issues.

Christmas Party – Date to coming soon.

Yes, it’s getting close to that time of year!  The best news is that we the new lawn in the middle area will be totally ready.  The team have been watering it since lt was laid down and wow it’s looking great!   Hopefully, in the next few weeks, it will be mowed and we can get the soil moved into the side gardens.  The goal is to plant the whole west side with herbs that we can all use.