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We have a problem with the TV reception within Block A and are investigating this.  The technician has been onsite but we have not yet resolved the problem.

Each block has its own Satellite dish on the roof which then comes down to a common distribution cabinet in each block.  The incoming TV signal is then run thru a number of amplifiers and splitters before it goes off to each lot.  We suspect one of the amplifiers is wearing out which is causing some units to have problems.  We are aware of this and the issue is being worked on.   If you have problems and have not reported them please goto the website and let us know.


Brittany Team.


The owners committee will be holding a meeting on the 2nd of Aug 2018 – 7:30pm in the Carpark under Building D.  (Depending on attendance we may more to a warmer location).

Link to the Agenda

(to be able to view the Agenda you must be registered on the site as an Owner and also logged into the site.

We request all owners carefully read the agenda as there is some important information for you to consider.

Any questions please use the contact option on the panel to the left.


Brittany Owners Committee

Note:  This is only an Owners Committee meeting (the new name for the Exec Meeting), you are not required to attend.  If you do attend you should advise beforehand and request permission to speak.    This is not a full Owner Corporation meeting which you should attend.




Morning All

Please find available a link to the minutes of the last owners corporations minutes.

These replace the previously provisional minutes.  No changes have been made.

Forming a Quorum

For this AGM we were able to form the required Quorum to make decisions.  We have been advised that if a Quorum cannot be made at the time of the meeting after waiting 30 minutes the meeting can continue under new Strata Law.

The team cannot request enough that everyone try and participate in these meetings. While not required we will revert to putting up notices around the building to try and get larger participation on building meetings.  The team tries very hard to get everyones voices heard, but end of the day if you don’t attend we can understand hear or understand your problems.

all regards

The Brittany Building Team – Contact us by lick left on contact use – its that easy!!

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Hello all.

Some of the Stata Owners Committee subscribe to a very useful newsletter from LookupStrata.

This weeks newsletter can be found here

A very interesting article called “We Pay for Power – Paying Your Strata Levies on Time” which we strongly recommend all owners read as we are planning an EGM shortly.

Update: – 28 June 2018

We have found a great clarification on the NSW Fair Trading site which specifies

I did not get a contribution notice so I have not paid anything for ages. Is this a problem? 

Your contributions must be paid whether or not you receive a notice. Unpaid contributions mean you will not be able to vote at meetings. Make sure your current address is on the strata roll so you can receive notices of both contributions and meetings. You can pay your contributions any time up until a meeting starts, in order to be financial and therefore eligible to vote.

Alot of the information about paying your strata levies on time is still very applicable, except for the bit that you can’t vote if you were outstanding at the time the agenda is issued.

We do suggest all owners do research on the NSW strata laws, a helpful starting link to fair trading and summary is here. 


Brittany Owners Committee.


Hello all

All the internal facing owners will have noticed that we now have new soil on the internal gardens.  Fresh and ready for planting.  In the next couple of weeks we will be planting these out with a combination of native plants (bottle brush tree’s) and then various herb / spice / citris plants as we can get them.  Our goal is to turn have the central area filled with various edible plants that all can share.

While we work out that planting we also would love to have a full garden bee weekend to update the existing gardens ready for winter.  After the last mulch most of the gardens are looking really good, but also now need a few hours each to remove the weed growth.  We welcome all to come and help with this.  Its always been a great building activity where we get to meet each other and do something great for our surrounds.  Not sure about if you can help.  Contact me:  David 04 8818 7515.

Building Updates:

Many on Eton street will have noticed that roof is now missing a panel.  We are working on repairing this and will let you know the details of this as we get them.  Basic outline is that there will be scaffolding put up outside of apartments of Block A just down from the entrance going all they up to the roof. We will advise all affect lot owners as we get more details.

Building Repair Work Noise:

Have added this as a highlight for our residents who work non regular hours.  We have identified a new serious water leak issue that requires drilling/hammer work to rectify the issue.  We don’t yet have exact times when this will occur and would request any resident who may have an issue with extraordinary daily noise please contact us so we can let you know dates/times.  While the work has to be done we can at least hope to let you be aware.

All the very best



Please find available the minutes from the last Owners Committee meeting at this location.

We apologise for the 24 hour delay in making these available.  A couple of technical email issues prevented them being available before hand.

The link to the minutes should be available to you directly from the advisement email you receive and also available on the website.

Please be aware we am making some significant changes to the website membership system so the site is abit odd at the moment.  We had to close down being able to register due to the number of hacking attempts we got weekly.

We firmly believe that having this website and membership of its provides one of the best communications portals we have available to all our residents and owners, so please bear with us as we upgrade to what will hopefully be an better user experience.

Kind regards all

David and the Brittany Owners team.







There will be an owners committee meeting on the 12th April 2018 at 7:30 pm in the car park under Building D.

Owners wishing to attend the owner’s committee meeting may do so by prior notification to the secretary via this website.

Such notification should be provided on or before 12 pm, Wednesday 11 April 2018.   Owners wishing to speak at the Owners Committee meeting must also indicate their desire to do so, with approval to speak being decided by a majority vote of the Owners Committee at that meeting in accordance with NSW strata laws.

Link to Agenda



All residents

We need your help in making your lots available to the service teams the next 14 days.

If you can’t be on site then leave your keys with one of us.  Colin is onsite most days so you can leave them with him

We have finally been able to get all the right team together to resolve most of the leakage issues.   What we need now is access to all the properties so we can let the experts work.

This is a huge ask from the strata team to please help us help you.  We need access next week to all the units on level 1 and 2 of block A so we can fix the leaks.  If you don’t have Colin or my own phone number then please use the contact strata option on the website.  We can’t publish due to hacking reason.

Please help us to help you.

Brittany Team.


Hello all.

Over the last couple of weeks, there has been a lot of activity within the building and we wanted to provide some updates on progress.

The fire remediation work has been moving along well and when in the garage (and look up) you may notice the new collars around the various pipes going up thru the ceiling.  They appear to come if various colours depending on size.  We are installing these as per fire order and they are there to contain any fires.  Without the collars, any fire can quickly pass up thru the building.

We have secured the services of a roofing plumber who has already been working on a number of leaking roofs and has found a number of problems which are being corrected.  While it is unfortunate that the problems exist it is good news that they are being identified and remediation being done.  In the next few weeks, there will be further work carried out on a number of lots combined.  We are hopeful that given the identified issues and work scheduled to fix these that we can enter the coming winter ‘dry’.

Priority remains to fix water leaks into various apartments, then we can look excessive leakage in the garages.  We are finding that as various leaks are fixed the garages are not getting as much water into them as before.  Please do be aware that the garages are not considered ‘dry areas’ and are designed to move water leakage away from the walls.  There is some remediation work being done to ensure proper drainage.  When you are storing belonging in the garage please ensure they are in waterproof storage containers and definitely don’t have items leaning against the walls.  Storage in cardboard boxes is possible (thou not recommended) if they are not against any wall and raised off the floor.

As always please feel free to contact the Strata team using the options on this website.


Brittany Strata Team.